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IT Solution company based in India and focused and committed in delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. Since 2001, our products have grown from just being exclusive.

3P Online is a solution for all sectors, Manufacturers, Traders, Services and Professionals. It is a simplified min-ERP solution to manage business affairs under Projects, People & Perks concept.

Specializes in giving simple online solution to clients in Manufacturing, Trading, Hotels, Ayurveda Hospitals, Labaratories and Service Sectors.

3P online -mini ERP
3P online is an user friendly mini ERP works online, developed for the complete automation of manufacturers and traders logistics and profit management ......
An online Hopspital Information System exclusively for Ayurveda Hospitals to manage OP/IP Patient Tracking and stock(medicines)....
Quick Chef - KOT
A fully automated Order processing solution works at one touch using any smartphone/ Tabs with WiFi....
Simple billing solution best fit for traders any segement who needs limited information but fast trading or transaction is required.....
Online Lab Information Management System which automates and integrates Billing/ Invoicing and Lab Report with compete Accounting....
MeTask- QMS
Query Management System which helps to track and assign projects, task or daily routines of an employee vs activity...
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