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Data Conversion
Single Source Publishing with XML
Data Processing
Internet Solution


S/W Solutions

Reposoft, a Complete inventory system for Traders.  Stock, Sales Order processing, Purchase, Order Processing, Finance Accounting for Sales Tax and more ...

Bankware, a product which automates complete activities of cooperative societies, cooperative banks & private financiers.  


Data Conversion
mecit offers full range of high-end e-publishing and data conversion services. Its a premier outsourcing solution provider in India, helping its clients move massive content to the Web. An undisputed leader in covering data to structured format like HTML,XML,XGML etc. Have capability to produce or convert vast amounts of content quickly, accurately and cost-effectively and also offers a range of custom-tailored solutions.

Some of the publication we are dealing with are:
 Scientific and technical books and journals
 Medical publications
 Reference books
 College textbooks
 Elementary and high school textbooks

Our staff is well versed in all aspects of composition and full-service production management. Our services include:

 Desktop production
 Design comps
 Scanning services
 Editorial services
 Art production
 Film imaging and imposition

Single Source Publishing with XML
Capture, create and publish your documents, reference materials, articles, journals, books, automatically from a single source to multiple media: Web, print, CD-ROM by using our customized tagging solution.

Designed this solution to meet the needs of medium and large organizations with large volumes of information, many authors and contributors, multiple workgroups and complex content, We helps you streamline and automate the entire process of capturing and sharing your business-critical knowledge.

Aggregates content from disparate sources, converts that content to reusable XML components, stores those components in a content repository, and assembles and distributes content to a tool customized as per requirement from a single source. We can publish the out to multiple media: Web, Print, PDF and CD-ROM.

Data Pocessing
Mecit offers high quality, cost-effective data entry services ideally suited to high volume data entry applications such as data base and mailing list compilation, key from images, data extraction from web, electronic publication, file conversion etc.

Mecit performs some traditional data entry services, keying from client hard copy. However, most of the work incorporates document scanning and a combination of key-from-image and advanced data capture and recognition technologies to achieve greater forms processing accuracy and efficiency.

When appropriate, we will scan source documents on the client's site using our equipment and staff. And, for direct mail campaigns we can arrange to have the mail received directly by us, opened and batched for scanning or data entry.
Our clients are involved in such activities as database marketing, direct mail advertising, marketing research, retail customer loyalty programs, banking and insurance, and education. Projects range from simple forms having only a few fields to lengthy, multi-page documents.

Some of the general dataprocessing activities we are working on are

 Insurance Forms
 PF Forms
 Airways Entry
 Routine Bank Entry
 Academic Content
 Internet Content
 Scientific Content

Internet Solution
We also specialize in building customized web sites that require advanced functionality and database integration, such as for e-commerce and e-procurement, distance learning, streaming video, document management, online collaboration, and other needs.

Key technologies include Java, XML, Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

Our satisfied customers include...
 Fortune 500 companies
 Government agencies
 Government contractors

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